What is Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler)?

Bitcoin Mixers (Tumblers), are services that break the connection between the user’s old and new BTC address by mixing their coins with other users in the mixing pool, thus disassociating the original coins with the owner. A good Bitcoin mixer could effectively make the user’s funds untraceable. Simply put, it is like moving funds through banks located in countries with strict bank-secrecy laws such as the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas.

A single misstep in your Bitcoin transaction process could expose you and your transaction data to bad actors, government agencies, and other unwanted entities who might pose a risk to your BTC funds and even your safety.

How to use Bitcoin Mixer (Tumbler)?

CryptoMixer is the leading Bitcoin blender on the market, famous with its bulletproof security features and convenient user interface. This service is easy to use, even for beginners.

Follow 5 simple steps below to complete tumbling of your BTC:

  • Step 1 - Make sure you are at the official Bitcoin mixer site (e.g. cryptomixer.si). If you are paranoid about mixing BTC in clearnet - you can use the TOR mirror.
  • Step 2 - Set up your Destination Bitcoin (BTC) Addresses. You may assign up to 10 addresses, custom time delay, and your own fees to increase the anonymity of your mixed coins.
  • Step 3 - Copy the generated address or scan the QR code and send the amount of Bitcoin as indicated by the mixer to the address generated by the service.
  • Step 4 - Processing your mixed coins. Wait for the mixing process to be completed.
  • Step 5 - View the status of the mixing process. Your mixed coins should be sent successfully and your transactions are now untraceable.

Is it legal to use privacy tools like Bitcoin Mixers?

While Bitcoin Mixers (Tumblers) are legal to use in many countries, including the US, they can be associated with illegal online activity. Using Bitcoin blenders is the same as using a VPN and is great for protecting your online privacy.

How long does the mixing process take?

You should not have to wait for someone else to send their coins and have your coins mixed, beacuse our mixing reserve is big enough. The mixing process is often done instantly. Note that you should set average network fee along with the transaction to avoid transaction being stucked due to low miner rewards. Additionally, to ensure third parties do not look at fees to find similarities like transactions done by you, we permit a time delay for each forward address setup to receive the btc.

How many confirmations do you need to accept transactions?

The number of confirmations required depends on the transaction volume:

  • Less than 25 BTC - 1 confirmation.
  • Less than 250 BTC - 3 confirmations.
  • Less than 1000 BTC - 4 confirmations.
  • More than 1000 BTC - 5 confirmations.

I accidentally closed the browser window before getting confirmation of my transfer, what should I do?

There is no need for concern. You do not have to stay at the page once the incoming (deposit) address is delivered. Transactions are automatically processed according the order.

How long is the deposit address valid for?

Generated address are valid only for about 24 hours. The data is completely deleted after the period. After 24 hours all future deposits to the addresses will be ignored.

Do you keep logs?

The main mission of our service is to protect the anonymity of cryptocurrency users. You can be sure that no logs or any other personal information are stored in our databases longer, than the time needed to fully process mixing operations. 24 hours upon successful mixing, all logs are automatically and permanently deleted from our servers.

Do you have KYC policy?

Know your customer (KYC) policies are becoming more common nowadays, especially among Bitcoin exchanges and other financial institutions, to prevent financial fraud and terrorist activity. However, our service works without KYC. We are working for those who are looking into maximizing the anonymity level and we don't support KYC policy.

What is the maximum transaction size?

The maximum amount of coins that can be sent depends on the Bitcoin reserves within the service and the total amount of coins within the system. Due to our interests in protecting your privacy, we do not send coins that have been sent by you into our reserve. The system automatically prunes out coins that you have sent at the time of sending you the mixed coins back. If there is a limit on number of coins you can send, we notify you about it during the order process.

Is there a minimum transaction size?

Due to the nature of our operations we do not accommodate transactions that are less than 0.001 BTC in size. We consider the smaller transactions to be donations made to our system.

Can I trust you with large amounts of BTC?

Please check our max deposit amount beforehand as we do not always hold enough coins for bigger mixes. If you do not trust us you can always split your order into multiple smaller mixes. Remember to use your CryptoCode to avoid getting the same coins back!.

What is a CryptoMixer code?

The first time you interact with our system and exchange coins, you are given a code. This code is then used to ensure your coins are not mixed with any of the previous coins sent to our reserves during future transactions. This is a key component of what allows us to ensure your privacy and safety.

What is a Letter of Guarantee?

At the time a Bitcoin address is provided to you for the sending of coins to be mixed, we provide a digitally signed confirmation to verify that the provided address was generated by our server. This helps you confirm the legitimacy of the transaction and be confident about the coins being sent to the right address. To take things further and ensure user confidence this is signed from our bitcoin account 1CrypMiGhS7vHNXqeGcLc7NPeko8UMPNS and can be used to verify the digital sign from your own wallet. This sign is the proof of our obligations and users are expected to save it before sending us coins. Since your data is deleted from our servers this is the only proof of us transacting with you and helps future verifications for support or related functions.

Why should I set custom fee?

Setting up custom fee will increase your privacy. If someone knows your service fee, they will be able to make Blockchain-analysys (check the time and ammount of your transactions and figure out the destination account). For example if 100 BTC is sent with a fixed fee of .5 percent + .00005 BTC a total of 99.4995 BTC would be received on the other side. It's not difficult to keep an eye on the the fee and see what is going on.

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